Leadership is a skill that’s not completely inherent, but also has a component that is learned as well. As a woman, it is sometimes hard to move into a leadership position in the workplace. You have to be ready with the skills you will need when the opportunity presents itself.


Get those skills sharpened with this course. You are going to know about creating barriers to benefits, social and emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. You will know about decision making, a leadership brand, and workplace philosophy.

Women and Leadership

  • Online Course Refund Policy

    Participants who register for a training course occasionally change their mind for one reason or another. Regardless of the reason, we believe there should be a definite refund policy for participants who decide not to take the course. All online training courses are tested extensively on all types of systems, browsers, and devices. We can assist you to get started with the course, if you are having any trouble.

    Refunds for online courses are only given under the following circumstances:

    • The participant/user did not access any portion of the online course AND the participant/user requests a refund, in writing via email within three business days from the date of the registration (email notification sent). There will be no refunds for any online courses (or curricula) once a course has been accessed in any manner.
    • A full refund will be issued less an administrative fee of 3.7% transaction cost.

    Please understand that with the enrollment and accessing of your online course, you have read and agree to the aforementioned refund policy. There are no extensions granted for your course.

    Exchange Allowed: The participant will be allowed to exchange with another course of equivalent or lesser value, ONLY if course is not accessed within 15 days of purchase. Exchange request must be received by email at admin@HRchitects.com. No exchange will be granted if the request is more than 15 days after the purchase date.

    Multiple Payments for the Same Course: In case participant made extra payment (same course bought multiple times) for the same course, refund will be issued upon request up to 15 days after purchase. There will be a 3.7% transaction cost charged by credit card processor per transaction.

    eBooks: There are no refunds for Kindle books or e-books.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@HRchitects.com before making a purchase.

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