SOUECE: Cornerstone

1. Employee groups : Identify your employee groups (e.g. Sales, Operations), and then consider the unique training needs of those groups.

2. Quick-wins : Dream big, but start small. Consider your pain points and identify a few quick-wins (high value & low cost).

3. One-stop-shop : Make your Learning Management System (LMS) a one-stop-shop with both fun and pertinent content.

4. Just-in-time-training : Learning content needs to be available on-demand and accessible whenever and wherever the learner needs it (e.g. mobile devices).

5. Requirements : Create a list of requirements and must-haves, such as single-sign-on or e-signature.

6. Onboarding Programs : Create role-specific onboarding programs and tell your job candidates that you have an LMS. Many millennials see it as an employee perk!

7. Solicit employee feedback : Talk to your people to find out what employees want to learn and put those courses in your Learning Management System (LMS).

8. Homepage : Highlight content or items you don’t want employees to overlook on your homepage. Send email notifications of required courses and track course completion with analytics.

9. User-generated content : Host contests such as iPad raffle giveaway to encourage employees to contribute content.

10. Call new hires : Schedule a call with each new hire to provide an overview of the LMS and show them how to use it as a resource on the job.


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