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Performance Management

Performance Management

  •  Performance Management 

investing the right amount of time, effort, and resources in performance management can results probably the single most apprehensive event in an employee's work experience is the Performance Review, the ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization. Performance management is a process that provides feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes. It helps employees to channel their talents toward organizational goals ensuring that they are carrying out their duties which they are employed to do in an effective and satisfactory manner and contributing to the overall business success. HRchitects is a leader in developing fair, comprehensive and sensible performance management systems with a well-defined performance management process that's built on consistent, constructive feedback. This system helps your business retain and develop world-class employee talent and trains your managers to be better leaders. Together with goal setting, frequent feedback lets employees know they are valued, which increases their commitment and performance.  yield :

  • 22% higher shareholder returns (McKinsey)

  •  30% increase in company value (Watson Wyatt)

  •  19%  increase in operating income (Towers Watson)

  •  34% positive impact on employee engagement (McKinsey)

  •  34% improved customer satisfaction (Booz&Co)

HRchitects can assist you in developing a comprehensive and effective performance review process that offers:


  • A feedback process that is continuous and timely throughout the review period so that employees know how they are doing and what is expected

  • A dialogue that includes performance feedback measured against clear and specific goals and expectations established at the outset of the performance management cycle

  • A process for acknowledging the outcomes of the performance review process that is documented between the manager and the employee

  • A two-way individual conversation between the manager and the employee (preferably face-to-face) at least once a year

  •  Human Resources Analytics 

The adoption of HR Analytics is providing the differentiator advantage among their competitors. The power of HR Analytics andBig Data is making companies ditch their “intuitions” for decisions that are more promising and accurate with the use of HR analytics and big data. HRchitects works with you to create defined analytics to escalate the company’s performance. Since employees are the central bodies of the organization, it is the HR department which takes care of every aspect of these bodies. HR analytics enables HR managers to improve their operations and decision-making with data. 


Let HRchitects assist you with the establishment and implementation of robust HR analytics to enable: improved hiring; improved retention; objective performance management; better understanding of productivity and motivation; clarity around company culture and employee engagement, and an accurate record of company progress over a period of time.